Le Phan-Tan Dong Hiep Stone Crushing Factory opening ceremony

20 Feb 2014

About two decades of operation, Lephan Construction Co., Ltd. has been known as one of the largest manufacturers & suppliers of Read-mixed Concrete and Hot Asphalt concrete products, concurrently a strong construction enterprise in paving Hot Asphalt in Ho Chi Minh City and contiguous regions. In 2013, The company has invested and launched the German-tech VSI 5X Stone Crushing and Sand Production Line with capacity at 150 tons per hour which was placed in Tan Dong Hiep Stone Making Plant, in Binh Duong Province and has become one of the fewest suppliers to equip high-capacity artificial Stone Crushing and Sand Production Line which are sufficient to satisfy our needs as well as market’s needs.

This is one of our big breakthroughs in technological area which are aimed to standardlize our downstream within the Concrete production. This effort contributes to stabilizing product quality, fulfilling commitments of our clients and developing sustainable Concrete industry. Thus, this will help reduce river sand exploitation and enviromental impacts.